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Keren DahanKeren Dahan
15:08 25 Jan 22
Neurofeedback with Keren was a life changing experience. Having hit a point in my life where I was struggling with different aspects and not knowing where to start, I decided to try Neurofeedback. The transformation is subconscious and almost... immediate. I found myself taking control of my life by nourishing my brain. 🧠leer más
I came to see Keren at a time where my life seemed stressful and overwhelming and I was always so angry. Braintraining helped me become more chill and level headed. When my daughter struggled with anxiety, I booked a few sessions for her and we see... the difference right away. Highly recommend!leer más
Kylie GoldmanKylie Goldman
18:53 24 Aug 21
I had such a great experience at K2G Neurofeedback! Keren is so kind and compassionate and she clearly cares greatly about her clients. Neurofeedback helped me personally with many issues, including difficulty sleeping and generalized anxiety. I... would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to make a positive difference in their life!leer más
Audrey AbikhzerAudrey Abikhzer
15:49 14 Jun 21
I reached out to Keren at K2G Neurofeedback over a year ago when I was looking for an alternative therapy for sleep issues and migraines. I had gone through some medical treatments and was on medication that had negative side effects. I was waking... up many times in the night and having trouble sleeping which led to chronic fatigue and general feeling of being down. I was also getting migraines at least once a week. After a series of sessions, the first thing to go was the headaches. Gradually my sleep started to improve and my mood lifted. My mind and my body feel much more in tune than ever before which gives me a general sense of well-being. Keren also takes the time to really make you reflect on what you’re looking to improve and what changes are happening during the sessions. I’m very grateful for all of the help and support:)Finally…I also brought my 10 year old son who was having issues in school with concentration and behaviour and the improvements have been significant!Best part is… we can now book double sessions so both my son and I can neurofeedback at the same time !leer más
Hillary CohenHillary Cohen
16:54 15 Mar 21
I met Keren almost one year ago and she completely changed my life! Neurofeedback has been a complete game changer for me. Keren is kind, patient and takes the time to get to know her clients. I highly recommend Neurofeedback & EFT to everyone! I... suffered from migraines, and anxiety, along with many other issues, and Neurofeedback definitely helped achieve my goals in overcoming these obstacles.leer más




Cette forme innovante de neurofeedback est un entraînement cérébral et non une thérapie. Elle ne nécessite aucun diagnostic ni aucun protocole, elle donne à votre cerveau les informations dont il a besoin en temps réel pour se réorganiser et s’autocorriger en quelques microsecondes.


Cette technique est basée sur le principe que toute émotion négative produit des déséquilibres dans le système énergétique du corps. Ces émotions bloquées, refoulées, s’expriment ensuite dans le corps sous la forme de douleurs physiques ou émotionnelles.


What you want to change in your life is not just about what you will do, it’s about whom you will do it with – and I want to make sure that we are a good fit. Do you agree?



Massage suedois, Deep tissue, Guasha.


Treatments are tailored to each individual’s needs, and employ the use of key acupuncture points through acupressure, without the use of needles, and through the optimization of energy flow along the body’s various energetic pathways (also referred to as meridians) using various manual therapies.


Hypnose Quantique.