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Jo BourdonJo Bourdon
12:52 31 May 24
I really enjoyed my experience at NeurOptimal. My neurofeedback “training” managed to calm me down and help me get through a difficult period. A period that created a lot of anxiety for me and undermined my nights. Over the course of the sessions,... the quality of my sleep improved and the anxiety “crises” quietly disappeared as if by magic!!! Thank you Keren for your listening and your kindness.leer más
Sophie _Sophie _
16:59 12 May 24
Wow best massage !
Kahina BaaziaKahina Baazia
11:26 02 May 24
My happy place,Neurofeedback is the best discovery of my entire life, I highly recommend it and Keren is the best coach ever ❤️
Orit Ben AmiOrit Ben Ami
13:18 18 Jan 24
My experience is amazing, the place is very homey n relaxing, Keren is one in millions person.I am much calmer i know exactly what i want n so many things changed along the way!!
Aida JsAida Js
01:59 18 Jan 24
Neurofeedback changed my life in the best way 🙏🏼
jessica patenaudejessica patenaude
00:07 18 Jan 24
I've been doing workouts with Keren for 1 year and it's really changed my life. I got up three to 4 times a night to go to the bathroom so my nights were really not optimal I thought I was sleeping well and my sleep was okay after doing the training... now I only get up 0 to 1 time per night night and WoW the result is really obvious how I have more energy, I am more concentrated at work I have less mood swings. In addition to that it reduces my hormonal migraines I did it about 2-4 times a week when I was in my menstrual cycle now I only do it once from time to time and what can I say about my psychological problems only since I was young age I have been to psychologists yes it can help but we must always work on asking questions to say this I must not do so but that ects having relapses and well with neurofeedback it is your brain which chooses the parties who have to lead so you let go and in addition with Keren's advice you can also work on it yourself as I said above it really changed my life. Try there are many other good ones that I haven't listed that neurofeedback is done like for children for ADHD sometimes medication is not always the solution myself I have severe ADHD and it helped me Also 🙂leer más
Arash GhanbariArash Ghanbari
00:56 08 Dec 23
I am thrilled with the transformative experience I've had at the neurofeedback clinic under Keren's guidance. After just three sessions, I can already sense positive changes and improvements in various aspects of my well-being. Keren's expertise and... personalized approach create a comfortable and welcoming environment. The clinic's commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology enhances the overall experience. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone looking for a holistic approach to self-improvement and well-being. Grateful for the positive impact and excited for the ongoing journey!leer más
The first day i arrived i had many problems that was happening in my life and the process of Neurofeedback helped me in many ways! I had problems with sleep, anxiety, focus and being less in the present moment. Now i can say that all those problems... are gone! A must try ! You even have Karen there to help you get through. Take the time for yourself, worth it!😁leer más
Keren DahanKeren Dahan
15:08 25 Jan 22
Neurofeedback with Keren was a life changing experience. Having hit a point in my life where I was struggling with different aspects and not knowing where to start, I decided to try Neurofeedback. The transformation is subconscious and almost... immediate. I found myself taking control of my life by nourishing my brain. 🧠leer más
I came to see Keren at a time where my life seemed stressful and overwhelming and I was always so angry. Braintraining helped me become more chill and level headed. When my daughter struggled with anxiety, I booked a few sessions for her and we see... the difference right away. Highly recommend!leer más
Kylie GoldmanKylie Goldman
18:53 24 Aug 21
I had such a great experience at K2G Neurofeedback! Keren is so kind and compassionate and she clearly cares greatly about her clients. Neurofeedback helped me personally with many issues, including difficulty sleeping and generalized anxiety. I... would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to make a positive difference in their life!leer más
Audrey AbikhzerAudrey Abikhzer
15:49 14 Jun 21
I reached out to Keren at K2G Neurofeedback over a year ago when I was looking for an alternative therapy for sleep issues and migraines. I had gone through some medical treatments and was on medication that had negative side effects. I was waking... up many times in the night and having trouble sleeping which led to chronic fatigue and general feeling of being down. I was also getting migraines at least once a week. After a series of sessions, the first thing to go was the headaches. Gradually my sleep started to improve and my mood lifted. My mind and my body feel much more in tune than ever before which gives me a general sense of well-being. Keren also takes the time to really make you reflect on what you’re looking to improve and what changes are happening during the sessions. I’m very grateful for all of the help and support:)Finally…I also brought my 10 year old son who was having issues in school with concentration and behaviour and the improvements have been significant!Best part is… we can now book double sessions so both my son and I can neurofeedback at the same time !leer más
Hillary CohenHillary Cohen
16:54 15 Mar 21
I met Keren almost one year ago and she completely changed my life! Neurofeedback has been a complete game changer for me. Keren is kind, patient and takes the time to get to know her clients. I highly recommend Neurofeedback & EFT to everyone! I... suffered from migraines, and anxiety, along with many other issues, and Neurofeedback definitely helped achieve my goals in overcoming these obstacles.leer más
Chick TullChick Tull
13:36 13 Sep 19
Keren is an amazing woman! She truly cares about her clients and has an authentic passion for what she does. Her brain training has helped me immensely in my life and I am so grateful that we crossed paths... everyone needs brain training in their... lives, both young and old! It is truly an incredible experience. Thank you Keren for all that you do, one brain at a time! Love & Hugs, Chickleer más




Cette forme innovante de neurofeedback est un entraînement cérébral et non une thérapie. Elle ne nécessite aucun diagnostic ni aucun protocole, elle donne à votre cerveau les informations dont il a besoin en temps réel pour se réorganiser et s’autocorriger en quelques microsecondes.


Cette technique est basée sur le principe que toute émotion négative produit des déséquilibres dans le système énergétique du corps. Ces émotions bloquées, refoulées, s’expriment ensuite dans le corps sous la forme de douleurs physiques ou émotionnelles.


Ce que vous voulez changer dans votre vie ne dépend pas seulement de ce que vous allez faire, mais aussi de la personne avec qui vous allez le faire – et je veux m’assurer que nous sommes bien assortis l’un à l’autre. Êtes-vous d’accord ?



Massage suedois, Deep tissue, Guasha.


Les traitements sont adaptés aux besoins de chaque individu et font appel à l’utilisation de points d’acupuncture clés par le biais de l’acupression, sans utiliser d’aiguilles, et par l’optimisation du flux d’énergie le long des différentes voies énergétiques du corps (également appelées méridiens) à l’aide de diverses thérapies manuelles.


Hypnose Quantique.


Reconnue par l’Organisation Mondiale de la Santé comme une médecine traditionnelle, la naturopathie est une approche holistique : elle consiste à prendre en compte l’être humain dans sa globalité et d’agir, non pas sur le traitement des effets, mais sur l’origine des maux. La naturopathie vise à apporter une solution globale et s’intéresse à tous les plans de l’individu, qu’ils soient physiques, énergétiques ou psycho-émotionnels.


Les traitements ayurvédiques vous aident à rééquilibrer votre corps et votre esprit plus rapidement grâce à l’utilisation d’huiles thérapeutiques spécifiquement adaptées à votre profil ayurvédique (dosha) pour nourrir et reconstituer les tissus, les systèmes et les organes du corps.